This is how I make pizza at home. Full instructions.

This is how I make pizza at home…

Mustard, chicken and pickles on a neapolitan dough style pizza

Cooking a great authentic neapolitan pizza (Update 2)

My quest to cook a great neapolitan pizza is progressing:

- Dough iteration 5: still not happy with it, testing more fermentation. 62% hydratation. 

- Owen: what an updgrade the Gozney Roccbox is! Cooking in less than two minutes

- Tomato sauce: using San Marzano D.O.P.

- Mozzarella: week point, still need to get something better.

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This is kind of my goal for my Vera Pizza Napolitana making at home. Improving my recipe, stay tuned. 

Eaten at Grosso Napolitano, Madrid

IMG 20190430 143601

My first attempt to master the neapolitan pizza making. I managed to buy Caputo 00 flower, vesubian tomatoes and use a stone to cook it. This first iteration was ok. Now I would like to improve the fermentation process. #pizzatarian