How to align thoughts and emotion?

“Survival vs. Creation illustrates the distinction between living in survival and living in creation. Living in survival entails living in stress and functioning as a materialist, believing that the outer world is more real than the inner world. When you are under the gun of the fight-or-flight nervous system, being run by its cocktail of intoxicating chemicals, you are programmed to be concerned only about your body, the things or people in your environment, and your obsession with time. Your brain and body are out of balance. You are living a predictable life. However, when you are truly in the elegant state of creation, you are no body, no thing, no time-you forget about yourself. You become pure consciousness, free from the chains of the identity that needs the outer reality to remember who it thinks it is.” - Dr. Joe Dispenza

We are sitting on a planet spinning around in the middle of absolutely nowhere. We are floating in empty space in a universe that goes on forever.

The golden mean is the desirable middle between two extremes, one of excess and the other of deficiency

La vida nos ha sido dada, pero no nos ha sido dada hecha - Ortega y Gasset

This is how I make pizza at home. Full instructions.

This is how I make pizza at home…

I don’t like surprises because anticipation is better

Goals cannot exceed attitude

Pizza regression

Don’t tell your child they are the best; show them that the world is easier than they think

The best way to predict the future is to create it

Reaching Costa da Morte

“We have learned that the dream you are living now is the result of the outside dream hooking your attention and feeding you all of your beliefs. The process of domestication can be called the dream of the first attention because it was how your attention was used for the first time to create the first dream of your life.” - The Four Agreements

Amateurs focus on outcomes more than process - Ryan Holiday

“Nothing in life is as important as you think it is while you are thinking about it”. - The focusing illusion by D. Kahneman

Ok, your grass is always greener

Mustard, chicken and pickles on a neapolitan dough style pizza

A speaker jumps into a stage with a big ugly stain in his white shirt. He performs a great play but nobody is able to take their eyes off the stain. 98% of is shirt is clean but still, the audience is thinking less of him - Negativity bias I learnt. Inspired by David Rendall


“La libertad del ‘flâneur’ se ejerce sobre el conocimiento de que toda finalidad es, en mayor o menor grado, imposición de sentido y dependencia, sacrificio de la frágil eternidad del presente (‘carpe diem’). Vagar sin rumbo es la materialización de la libertad, que sólo es posible como liberación de toda finalidad”. - José Sánchez Tortosa, filósofo

The Circle of Safety

Organizations succeed over the long term in both good and bad times when people share values and feel valued. Teams with deep levels of trust can easily act in the best interest of the collective. Being accountable means we share credit and ownership for everything that exists in our business – the good, bad and ugly. When something is bad or ugly, we agree to take responsibility as a team and work together to fix it.

Organizations that achieve the greatest success share an important trait. They all have a firm Circle of Safety in place – a culture in which the leaders look out for the long-term greater good of the organization, even if that means putting their own self-interests aside. This is why they are willing to push hard and take risks.


“perennial sellers”

In business, the majority of profits are derived from products and services that are not new. It’s the “perennial sellers” – the ones that need very little ongoing investment of sales and marketing that drive the majority of margin. Yet our culture is obsessed with the new releases and headlines-worthy things.

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no strings attached

“no strings attached” = used to show that an offer or opportunity carries no special conditions or restrictions

Lago Castiñeiras

“You could leave life right now. Let that determine what you do and say and think.” – Marcus Aurelius…