The quest for Balance

Few things I learned in life son. That magic is in finding Balance, one of them:

Save a lot - Balance - Spend all that you earn

Eat super healthy  - Balance - A great aged red beef steak 

Wasted with drugs - Balance - Chemical tools

A glass of red wine, Rioja - Balance - A bottle per night

Toyota Prius - Balance - Audi A8

Read a lot - Balance - Trek all surrounding mountains

Play golf - Balance - Visit the mall every saturday

Hyper-Growth business - Balance - Brick&Mortar business

Hustle like Gary Waynerchuck - Balance - Wake up 11am on Saturdays

A mansion - Balance - An average flat in Madrid

British weather - Balance - Living in Cordoba, Spain

Eat a Pizza Hut pizza - Balance - Cook your own Neapolitan pizza at home

Have 10 close friends - Balance - That only friend from the neighbourhood

One picture of your face in every two Instagrams - Balance - Pictures of your cat

Writing a piece like this so far - Balance - Writing for others