What is a "lifestyle business"?

Either a VC funded company or a self-funded company. But it looks like the only way to have a business that cares more about well-being than growth is a self-funded/bootstrapped one. Indie.vc as an alternative and the rise of other sources of funding and supporting a tech venture. 

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Growth Vs. well-being is on the talks always. You can care more of the “lifestyle” of your company if you don’t have the pressure to make the return of the investment to your backers. It is the game.

Yes, ok but the strength of a not VC funded company is that it can grow (slower for sure) but at the same time having “lifestyle” impact on team members and founders. 

It is a “lifestyle business” a less ambitious one? Not our case. Measure your ambitious against a benchmark that is not in Techcrunch. 

Reflections from Rand Fishkin about the topic.

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